Titleist Performance Institute Program
Sean McCue, MPT, is a certified TPI (Titleist Performance Institute)
Medical Professional.
TPI Golf Program helps golfers to maximize their performance, minimize
injury, and return safely to play after an injury or surgery. Golfers of all ages
and skill levels can benefit from the TPI golf program through proper golf
conditioning and training.

The initial  
TPI Golf Fitness Assessment is specifically designed to assess swing
characteristics that may be preventing you from an efficient swing. This can  
possibly lead to pain  followed by time away from the game. If you are
recovering from an injury or surgery, it will assess any physical limitations that
would affect your swing and game.

Using 16 physical screens, you will be evaluated for flexibility, balance,
rotation and mobility. With these specific assessments,  Sean will correlate this
information with your swing to create a more efficient swing. He also will
identify any muscle imbalances and incorrect swing patterns. The goal is to
undo any physical limitations first, then build power and strength.
TPI Golf Fitness Assessment and Program includes:
Certified Physical Therapist

  • Video Analysis of Golf Swing to assess movement and/or progress.

  • TPI Golf specific customized exercises that develop your rotational
    flexibility, upper and lower extremity strength, and core stabilization.

  • Summary of findings and your personal workouts to view and share
with your Golf Pro.

$125 for Initial Assessment
$75 Golf Fitness sessions

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